Ocean Towage

We handle any kind of matter related to commercial ocean towage. From a simple question about a (AHTS) tug, through standard flat top barge operations, to the most complex issues involved, we are your partner.


Our engineers are highly experienced. Their thorough calculations and in depth analysis's guarantee the safest and fastest possible towing passage for your assets.


We can provide you with an extensive package: voyage planning, weather routing, contingency-, and emergency procedures. We also prepare tailor-made stand-alone tow manuals, appropriate for all warranty reviews and safety audits


Our tow-masters are available to join the convoy, either on the tug, or on the towed object(s). Our tow-masters and master mariners are also available for onshore monitoring of the progress of your tow or heavy lift transport. This includes the provision of nautical- and technical assistance for the onboard crews.

Economical solutions

In these times, you have to spend your money wisely. That's where we come in. Quality is not necessarily expensive when it comes to moving your cargo, assets, or handling heavy lift transports. We prove that every day. You will notice that all our services are sharply priced.

Barge Solutions. Always on the move. For you!