SBM Offshore - tow/mooring master for CLOV FPSO installation

January/February 2014

SBM Offshore contracted Barge Solutions BV to provide a tow/mooring master for CLOV FPSO installation project. CLOV, FPSO, TOTAL, SBM As part of the Installation project team the towmaster was involved in the preparation of the installation procedures, selecting suitable tugs for station keeping and participating in hazid meetings with client DSME and Total. During mobilization of the project equipment and installation team the tow master supervised the tow and navigation equipment mobilization and set-up of TMS (Tug Management System) onboard of the tugs and FPSO. When the convoy arrived on installation location the tow master main responsibilities were the connecting of station keeping tugs and keeping the CLOV FPSO within defined limits for safely transfer the pre-installed mooring lines from the multi purpose installation vessel Normand Installer to the mooring clusters of the FPSO.

Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH - Diving Campaign

November 2013

Global Tech One contracted Barge Solutions BV to supervise the subsea campaign in the Global Tech One Global Tech One, Innovation offshore windfarm carried out by N-Sea Offshore BV (NSEA). Barge Solutions BV was requested to review the procedures developed by N-Sea and providing 2 supervisors for 24 hours supervision onboard the DSV Pathfinder during offshore works. During the subsea campaign vibrating sensors were installed on test piles, a net was removed from the seabed and a search for 3 un-identified objects was carried out.

SapuraKencana - Barge Master for KPV Badang

January 2013

Barge Solutions BV was selected by KencanaSapura to provide a barge master to operate the ballast KPV Badang, SapuraKencana systems of the semi-submersible barge KPV Badang during dry-dock works.
For the transport of the ex - Hercules 256 (Bethlehem JU rig type -250 MS) the top parts of the legs were cut and secured on deck of the rig, during load-out of the leg parts at SapuraKencana's yard in Lumut the barge master operated the ballast system to ensure the list remained within the allowable limits during the heavy lift operation.

Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH - Offshore Representative

Oktober 2012 - December 2013

Barge Solutions B.V. was selected by Global Tech I Offshore Wind to provide an offshore representative to represent Global Tech One, Innovation c Global Tech I Offshore Wind during the offshore installation phase of Global Tech I wind farm.
Global Tech I is one of the first offshore wind farms being built in the German North Sea. The wind farm's array consists of 80 wind turbines each with a capacity of 5 megawatts and so has a total installed capacity of 400 megawatts.